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Hi, I Was Trying Out The Clearml Pipelines From Task. I Had 2 Tasks That Have Run Successfully As Clearml Task. One Of The Tasks Has Dependency On External Python File. I.E. I Have Used From <External File> Import Methoda In My First Task. It Executed Fin

hi, i was trying out the ClearML pipelines from task.
I had 2 tasks that have run successfully as ClearML task.
One of the tasks has dependency on external python file. i.e. i have used from <external file> import methodA in my first task. It executed fine when running locally.
however when i run the task in a pipeline, it cannot find this external file.

Sorry that i cannot find a relevant example for this. May i know how do I handle such cases? Thanks.

Posted one year ago
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Hi CostlyOstrich36 I have run this task locally at first. This attempt was successful.

When I use this task to run in a pipeline (task was run remotely), it cannot find the external package. This seems logical but I not sure how to resolve this.

Posted one year ago

I think you need to make this package somehow available. One option is to have it already preinstalled /cached on the target machine

Posted one year ago

Ok. Can I check that only the main script was stored in the task but not the dependent packages?

I guess the more correct way is to upload to some repo where the remote task can still pull from it?

Posted one year ago

Exactly 🙂

Posted one year ago

Hi OddShrimp85 , have you run this task remotely? If you are importing your own package, how is it connected to the task?

Posted one year ago

Nope. In my local drive

Posted one year ago

is the external package is in some private repo?

Posted one year ago
7 Answers
one year ago
one year ago