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Hi All, I'M Having Some Issues With Syncing Modified Files Using

Hi all, I'm having some issues with syncing modified files using clearml-data sync . I have created the project and an original version of the dataset (and they show up in the webapp). The data file is just a single csv. After modifying the csv, I run clearml-data sync --project <project name> --name <dataset name> --parents <original dataset id> --folder <path to folder containing the csv> . The data doesn't sync though. I get these messages in the console:

Generating SHA2 hash for 1 files Hash generation completed Sync completed: 0 files removed, 0 added, 1 modified Zero modifications on local copy, reverting dataset creation.
Syncing seems to work if I add or remove files. Is this the expected behaviour?

Posted one year ago
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hi KindChimpanzee37 ! Thanks for responding! Yes, it happens for all csv files. I get the same response even if I modify multiple csv files in the same folder. It'll just say Sync completed: 0 files removed, 0 added, X modified but the final line still indicates Zero modifications. I've tried it on a Ubuntu and Windows 10 machine and on Python 3.9 and 3.10 and clearml package version 1.8.3. I'm also running a self-hosted clearml server.

Posted one year ago

Well I'll be had, you're 100% right, I can recreate the issue. I'm logging it as a bug now and we'll fix it asap! Thanks for sharing!!

Posted one year ago

Hi LackadaisicalDove24 !

Does this happen with every csv file? If so, I can reproduce it to check if it is a bug 🙂

Posted one year ago

No problem! Thanks for looking into this!

Posted one year ago