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Hello! I Have The Following Error In The Task'S Console:


I have the following error in the Task's console:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'clearml'I have attached the full log below.

Here is the code of my pipeline:
` from clearml import PipelineController

def test_function() -> None:
print("Hello world")

if name == "main":
pipe = PipelineController(


pipe.start(queue="services") `

I've also attached the clearml.conf for agent.

Why is this happening?

Posted 9 months ago
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FierceRabbit20 it seems the Pipeline Task that was created is missing the "installed requirements" section. How are you creating the actual pipeline Task? is this from code?

Posted 9 months ago

[package_manager.force_repo_requirements_txt=true] Skipping requirements, using repository "requirements.txt"
Try adding clearml to the requirements

Posted 9 months ago

As I can see from the Pipeline's log, requirements.txt in being installed only for the master job (controller)

Posted 9 months ago

If i change package_manager.force_repo_requirements_txt to false then clearml is successfully installed inside clearml-agent

Posted 9 months ago

Btw, to specify a custom package, add the path to that package to your requirements.txt (the path can also be a github link for example).

Posted 9 months ago

it changed nothing

Posted 9 months ago

can you try setting the repo when calling add_function_step ?

Posted 9 months ago

However for the task only cython is being installed for some reason.

Posted 9 months ago

SmugDolphin23 btw, do you know how to pin the installation of some specific clearml verison inside clearml-agent ? (I want to use my custom version of clearml )

Posted 9 months ago

FierceRabbit20 I think the issue is that the controller code is not from source control, but a single file, and so there's no repo attached (hence the agent does not use the requirements.txt)

Posted 9 months ago

SuccessfulKoala55 Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes, that makes sense.

BTW, I also tried to specify the parameter packages of add_function_step . However, these packages were also ignored and I did not even get a warning message.

Posted 9 months ago

SmugDolphin23 , please see my requirements.txt -- it contains clearml==1.8.3.

From the Task's log (please, pay attention, not pipeline's log) you may see that none of these packages are installed.

attrs==22.2.0 # via # clearml # jsonschema certifi==2022.12.7 # via requests charset-normalizer==2.1.1 # via requests clearml==1.8.3 # via -r requirements.in click==8.1.3 # via typer colorama==0.4.6 # via typer commonmark==0.9.1 # via rich furl==2.1.3 # via clearml idna==3.4 # via requests importlib-resources==5.10.1 # via jsonschema jsonschema==4.17.3 # via clearml loguru==0.6.0 # via -r requirements.in numpy==1.24.0 # via clearml orderedmultidict==1.0.1 # via furl pathlib2==2.3.7.post1 # via clearml pillow==9.3.0 # via clearml pkgutil-resolve-name==1.3.10 # via jsonschema psutil==5.9.4 # via clearml pygments==2.13.0 # via rich pyjwt==2.4.0 # via clearml pyparsing==3.0.9 # via clearml pyrsistent==0.19.2 # via jsonschema python-dateutil==2.8.2 # via clearml pyyaml==6.0 # via clearml requests==2.28.1 # via clearml returns==0.19.0 # via -r requirements.in rich==12.6.0 # via typer shellingham==1.5.0 # via typer six==1.16.0 # via # clearml # furl # orderedmultidict # pathlib2 # python-dateutil tenacity==8.1.0 # via -r requirements.in typer[all]==0.7.0 # via -r requirements.in typing-extensions==4.4.0 # via # returns # rich urllib3==1.26.13 # via # clearml # requests zipp==3.11.0 # via importlib-resources

Posted 9 months ago


Posted 9 months ago
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9 months ago
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