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0 Questions, 227 Answers
  Active since 10 January 2023
  Last activity 8 months ago


0 Hey All, Hope You'Re Having A Great Day, Having An Unexpected Behavior With A Training Task Of A Yolov5 Model On My Pipeline, I Specified A Task In My Training Component Like This:

FierceHamster54 I understand. I'm not sure why this happens then 😕 . We will need to investigate this properly. Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the time wasted training your model.

9 months ago
0 Hi, I Have An Issue, But Lets Start With The Description. This Is Snippet Of My Project'S Structure:

@<1554638160548335616:profile|AverageSealion33> Can you run the script with HYDRA_FULL_ERROR=1 . Also, what if you run the script without clearml? Do you get the same error?

4 months ago
0 Hi, I'Ve Three Questions Regarding Clearml Pipelines.

Hi @<1523701504827985920:profile|SubstantialElk6> !
Regarding 1: pth files get pickled.
The flow is like this:

  • The step is created by the controller by writing some code to a file and running that file in python
  • The following line is ran in the step when returning values: None
  • This is eventually ran: [None](https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/blob/cbd...
2 months ago
0 Hi All

Hi @<1546303293918023680:profile|MiniatureRobin9> ! I think the UI is not aware of tags. Anyway, the repository will likely get checked out to your desired tag. Can you please tell us if that's the case?

5 months ago
0 Hello, For Datasets, Is There An Explanation Somewhere As To How The Debug Samples Are Created? I'M Not Entirely Sure Which Permission It Uses If The Dataset Is Stored In A Private Bucket

Hi ShortElephant92 ! Random images, audio files, tables (trimmed to a few rows) are sent as Debug Samples for preview. By default, they are sent to our servers. Check this function if you wish to log the samples to another destination https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/references/sdk/logger/#set_default_upload_destination .
You could also add these entries in you clearml.conf to not send any samples for preview:
` sdk.dataset.preview.tabular.table_count: 0

9 months ago
0 Hey, We Run A Pipeline Using The Pipelinecontroller, When We Do It From

Hi @<1544853695869489152:profile|NonchalantOx99> ! In your clearml.conf , try to set, at the end of the whole file, outside any curly brackets, agent.package_manager.pip_version: "23.1.2"

4 months ago
0 Hey There, I Am A New User Of Clearml And Really Enjoying It So Far! I Noticed That My Model Checkpoints Are Saved After Each Epoch. Instead I Would Like To Only Save The Best And Last Model Checkpoint. Is That Possible? I Could Not Find Something Regardi

Hi @<1547390464557060096:profile|NuttyKoala57> ! You can use wildcards in auto_connect_framework to filter your models. Check the docs under init: None . You might also want to check out this GH thread for an another way to do this: None

6 months ago
0 Hello All, I’M An Ml Engineer Looking To Transition Our Company To A New Mlops System. Many Of Our Projects Are Currently Built Around Hydra And I’M Attempting To See What I Would Need To Do To Integrate Clearml Into Our Workflow. I’M Fully Aware That You

Hi @<1545216070686609408:profile|EnthusiasticCow4> !

So you can inject new command line args that hydra will recognize.

This is true.

However, if you enable _allow_omegaconf_edit_: True, I think ClearML will "inject" the OmegaConf saved under the configuration object of the prior run, overwriting the overrides

This is also true.

6 months ago
0 Hi Everyone. If I Edit A File In Configuration Objects In Clearml Ui, Will The New Parameters Be Injected In My Code When I Run This?

Hi PetiteRabbit11 . This snippet works for me:
` from clearml import Task
from pathlib2 import Path

t = Task.init()
config = t.connect_configuration(Path("config.yml"))
print(open(config).read()) Note the you need to use the return value of connect_configuration ` when you open the configuration file

10 months ago
0 Hello, I Am Testing My Hidra/Omegaconf With Clearml And I Have A General Question. Why Is It Necessary To Indicate That I Want To Edit The Configuration (Setting

Hi @<1603198134261911552:profile|ColossalReindeer77> ! The usual workflow is that you modify the fields in your remoter run in either the Hyperparameters section or the configuration section, but not usually both (as in Hydra's case). When using CLI tools, people mostly modify the Hyperparameters section so we chose to set the allow_omegaconf_edit to False by default for parity.

one month ago
0 Hi Team,When Clearml-Agent Is Used To Run The Code,I T Will Setup The Environment ,How It Take The Python Package Version?

Hi @<1533257278776414208:profile|SuperiorCockroach75> Try setting packages in your pipline component to your requirements.txt or simply add the list of packages (with the specific versions). None

7 months ago
0 Hi, Trying To Report A Matplotlib Figure With

Hi @<1566596968673710080:profile|QuaintRobin7> ! Sometimes, ClearML is not capable of transforming matplotlib plots to plotly , so we report the plot as an image to Debug Samples. Looks like report_interactive=True makes the plot unparsable

4 months ago
2 months ago
0 Hi, I Have An Issue, But Lets Start With The Description. This Is Snippet Of My Project'S Structure:

@<1554638160548335616:profile|AverageSealion33> looks like hydra pulls the config relative to the scripts directory, and not the current working directory. The pipeline controller actually creates a temp file in /tmp when it pulls the step, so the script's directory will be /tmp and when searching for ../data , hydra will search in / . The .git likely caused your repository to be pulled, so your repo structure was created in /tmp , which caused the step to run correctly...

4 months ago
0 Hello, Is There A Way To Disable Dataset Caching So That When

Hi FreshParrot56 ! This is currently not supported 🙁

9 months ago
0 Hi, I Have An Issue, But Lets Start With The Description. This Is Snippet Of My Project'S Structure:

Hi @<1554638160548335616:profile|AverageSealion33> ! We pull git repos to copy the directory your task is running in. Because you deleted .git , we can't do that anymore. I think that, to fix this, you could just run the agent in the directory .git previously existed.

4 months ago
4 months ago
0 Hi, Following

Hi HandsomeGiraffe70 ! We found the cause for this problem, we will release a fix ASAP

one year ago
0 [Issue With Minio] Hi, I Am Using Clearml=1.8.3, But It Seems Still Have Trouble With Minio Connection.

hi QuaintJellyfish58 ! How does your clearml.conf look like? How do you run minio ? Can you download files using boto3 rather than clearml ? Could you provide a script that could help us reproduce the issue?

9 months ago
0 Hi. I Have A Job That Processes Images And Creates ~5 Gb Of Processed Image Files (Lots Of Small Ones). At The End - It Creates A

PanickyMoth78 Something is definitely wrong here. The fix doesn't seem to be trivial as well... we will prioritize this for the next version

9 months ago
0 Hi, I Have Noticed That Dataset Has Started Reporting My Dataset Head As A Txt File In "Debug Samples -> Metric: Tables". Can I Disable It? Thanks!

Hi HandsomeGiraffe70 ! You could try setting dataset.preview.tabular.table_count to 0 in your clearml.conf file

one year ago
0 Hi, I Have Noticed That Dataset Has Started Reporting My Dataset Head As A Txt File In "Debug Samples -> Metric: Tables". Can I Disable It? Thanks!

HandsomeGiraffe70 your conf file should look something like this:
` {
# ClearML - default SDK configuration

storage {
    cache {
        # Defaults to system temp folder / cache
        default_base_dir: "~/.clearml/cache"
        # default_cache_manager_size: 100

    direct_access: [
        # Objects matching are considered to be available for direct access, i.e. they will not be downloaded
        # or cached, and any download request will ...
one year ago
0 Hi, I Have Noticed That Dataset Has Started Reporting My Dataset Head As A Txt File In "Debug Samples -> Metric: Tables". Can I Disable It? Thanks!

You're correct. There are 2 main entries in the conf file: api and sdk . The dataset entry should be under sdk

one year ago
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