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Hi Everyone! I'M Trying To Upload Roc Figure From Matplotlib To Clearml. Unfortunately Clearml Adds Invalid Legend Item To The Plot As You Can See On The Attached Image. Is There Any Way To Hide This Junk?

Here is a source code example:
` plt.plot(val_fpr, val_tpr, 'b', label='Val AUC = %0.2f' % val_roc_auc)
plt.plot(test_fpr, test_tpr, 'g', label='Test AUC = %0.2f' % test_roc_auc)
plt.legend(loc='lower right')
plt.plot([0, 1], [0, 1], 'r--', label='')
plt.xlim([0, 1])
plt.ylim([0, 1])
plt.ylabel('True Positive Rate')
plt.xlabel('False Positive Rate')

task_logger.report_matplotlib_figure("Model ROC", "Validation/Test ROC AUC curve", figure=plt) `

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago