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Hello All, I'M Trying To Download A File Hosted In The Clearml Server And I Receive The Following Error :

hello all,

I'm trying to download a file hosted in the clearml server
and I receive the following error :
2022-12-16 11:52:40,423 - clearml.storage - ERROR - Could not download http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:8081/V3M/.pipelines/V3M%20MF/V3M_step.8ba3d92dc7b0454dad2c52dc66fc554d/artifacts/Detections/output.tsv , err: Failed getting object /V3M/.pipelines/V3M%20MF/V3M_step.8ba3d92dc7b0454dad2c52dc66fc554d/artifacts/Detections/output.tsv (404): NOT FOUND

code :
detection_file_path = StorageManager.get_local_copy(input['detection_file_path'])
the file exists this problem occurs, only when executing as an agent

Posted one year ago
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hello AgitatedDove14
thanks for your reply.

yes, the HTTP link is valid I was able to download it using wget I'm doubtful if it was an inconsistency
right now this seems to be solved for me.
previously I was using ${V3M_step.artifacts.Detections} - which will return a dictionary
on changing it to ${V3M_step.artifacts.Detections.url} (the url of the artifact) is returned and this seemed to have helped.

Posted one year ago

Hey CostlyOstrich36

Happens when I try to execute a pipeline remotely.2022-12-19 15:13:47,884 - clearml - WARNING - Could not retrieve remote configuration named 'RUN_CONFIG' Using default configuration: {...}It happens in my pipeline and here is the code :

` pipe = PipelineController(
name="mypipe", project="myproject", version="0.0.1", add_pipeline_tags=False

my_json = "jsons/my_json.json"
clearml_input_path = "jsons/clearml_input.json"
my_json = load_json_if_path(my_json)
clearml_input_path = load_json_if_path(clearml_input_path)

pipe.add_parameter(name="my_json", default=my_json, param_type='dictionary')
pipe.add_parameter(name="RUN_CONFIG", default=clearml_input_path, param_type='dictionary')

configuration_overrides={"my_json": "${pipeline.my_json}",
'RUN_CONFIG': "${pipeline.RUN_CONFIG}"}

parameter_override={"INPUTS/detection_file_path" : "${my_Step_1.artifacts.Detections.url}"},
"my_json": "${pipeline.my_json}",
'RUN_CONFIG': "${pipeline.RUN_CONFIG}"

print("done") I want my_json and RUN_CONFIG ` to be configuration object in a pipeline. (so that we can paste our dictionarys)
thank you for your help!

Posted one year ago

Hi ShallowCormorant89
Can you verify the http link is valid? Can you download it from code on your machine (i.e. not via an agent), maybe 8081 port is blocked from the agent machine to the server?

Posted one year ago

Hi ShallowCormorant89 ,

When does 1. happen? Can you add the full log?

Regarding 2, can you please elaborate? What is your pipeline doing and what sort of configurations would you want to add? On the pipeline controller level or steps?

Posted one year ago

hello again,

It will be helpful to know why we experience this when running a pipeline
2022-12-19 15:13:47,884 - clearml - WARNING - Could not retrieve remote configuration named 'RUN_CONFIG'

  1. how do I add a configuration object to a pipeline.
    the dictionary is split into multiple values.. when using it as a param in the pipeline
Posted one year ago