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Hello, There Is A Means To Export / Import Task Using Task.Export_Task, Task.Import_Task. Is There A Way To Preserve The Task Id When We Bring This Task From One Clearml Server To Another? Both Clearml Server Are Not Connected.

Hello, there is a means to export / import Task using Task.export_task, Task.import_task.
Is there a way to preserve the task id when we bring this task from one ClearML Server to another? Both ClearML Server are not connected.

Posted 5 months ago
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Thanks AgitatedDove14 and TimelyMouse69 . The intention was to have some traceability between the two setups. I think the best way is to enforce some naming convention (for project and name) so we can know how they are related? Any better suggestions?

Posted 5 months ago

In this particular case using a naming convention is probably the best answer.
If you already have a naming convention for projects, you could just reuse that to prevent confusion :)

Posted 5 months ago

the Task id is UUID that is generated by the backend server, there is no real way to force it to have a specific value 😞

Posted 5 months ago

You can use the same project name and the same Taskname if that helps?

I don't think it's possible to set a custom ID if it doesn't exist yet. But I'll double check!

Posted 5 months ago
4 Answers
5 months ago
4 months ago