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I'M Having A Problem Reusing The Last Task Id On Jupyter Notebooks. Dispite Having Reuse_Last_Task_Id=True On Task.Init, It Always Creates A New Task Id. Anyone Ever Had This Issue?

Hi GrotesqueOctopus42

Dispite having reuse_last_task_id=True on Task.init, it always creates a new task id. Anyone ever had this issue?

So the way "reuse_last_task_id=True" works is that if there are no artifacts on the Task it will reuse it, but when running inside jupyter it always has artifacts (the notebook itself), so it starts a new Task.
You can however pass a specific Task ID and it will reuse it "reuse_last_task_id=aabb11", would that help?

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago