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Hello. Just Re-Posting This Maybe I Can Get Come Additional Help. For Some Reason The Pipeline Node Object From My Pre_Execute_Callback Has Not Attributes Set Other Than The Name. Any Idea Why That Is The Case? The Docs Say That I Should Be Able To Modify

Hello. Just re-posting this maybe I can get come additional help. For some reason the pipeline Node object from my pre_execute_callback has not attributes set other than the name. Any idea why that is the case? The docs say that I should be able to modify the Node job before it gets executed.


Posted one year ago
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Hi DangerousDragonfly8 ! Sorry for the late reply. I'm taking a look and will come back to you shortly

Posted one year ago

No problem SmugDolphin23 and thank you. I am really quite stuck with this 😄

Posted one year ago

DangerousDragonfly8 you can try to start the pipeline like this:
pipe.start(step_task_completed_callback=callback)where callback has the signature:
def callback(pipeline, node, parameters): print(pipeline, node, parameters)Note that even tho the parameter name is step_task_completed_callback , it is actually ran before the task is started. This is actually a bug...
We will need to review the callbacks, but I think you can work with this for now...

Posted one year ago

SmugDolphin23 ok so pipe.start with step_task_completed_callback does indeed work because step_task_completed_callback runs before the task is executed. step_task_created_callback seems to run after the task is executed however so the naming seems to be reversed.

Posted one year ago

But the pre_execute_callback from the pipe.add_function_step needs to be fixed, it does run before the task is executed but the Node does not have any attributes set besides the name.

Posted one year ago

DangerousDragonfly8 Yes this is correct, we mixed-up the places we call these functions

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
one year ago