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Hello! When Trying To Use Clearml Datasets With Google Cloud Storage With The Authorized User Credentials It Will Fail And Say Some Fields Are Missing From The Json. This Isn'T An Issue If The User Is Using A Service Account Json Key, Is A Service Account

Hi ShortElephant92

This isn't an issue if the user is using a Service Account JSON Key,

Are you saying that when you are using GS python sdk directly it works?

For context, the google cloud storage SDK allows an authorized user credentials.

ClearML actually uses the google python SDK, the JSON is just a way to pass the credentials to the google SDK, I'm not sure it points to "service account"? where did that requirement came from ?
is it from here Service account info was not in the expected format, missing fields token_uri, client_email. ?
Could that be the same issue?

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago