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Hello Everyone! I'M Trying To Add Functionality Where I Need To Rotate Artifacts. Psedocode:

Hello everyone! I'm trying to add functionality where I need to rotate artifacts. Psedocode:
task = Task(...) task.upload_artifact(path)and after some time I want to delete artifact with
task.delete_artifacts(artifact_names)this one is working and I see in the UI that artifacts are removed.
when I want to upload new one with
task.upload_artifact(path)it restores all deleted ones. Does anyone have idea why this can happen?

Posted 9 months ago
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Answers 2

Do you have a code snippet that reproduces this?

Posted 9 months ago

Hi GrotesqueDog77

and after some time I want to delete artifact with

You can simply upload with the same local file name and same artifact name, it will override the target storage. wdyt?

Posted 9 months ago
2 Answers
9 months ago
8 months ago