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Hi, Is There A Way To Put Scalars On The Same Plot? For Example: I Train A Model Using Pytorch-Lightning And The Clearml Logger Automatically Logs Both Training And Validation Loss. I'M Used To Looking At These Graphs On The Same Plot But The Scalars View

Is there a way to put scalars on the same plot? For example:
I train a model using pytorch-lightning and the ClearML logger automatically logs both training and validation loss. I'm used to looking at these graphs on the same plot but the scalars view has them as 2 separate plots.
Any chance to combine plots in the GUI?

Posted 6 months ago
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Answers 5

I think you can report them manually together into the same plot using the logger.

Posted 6 months ago

Can you add a screenshot of how you see them currently?

Posted 6 months ago


Posted 6 months ago

CostlyOstrich36 any news? I currently resort to reporting these scalars manually in order to get the desired result (which makes auto logging redundant)

Posted 5 months ago

well maybe, but that kinda ruins the whole point of auto logging. The scalars are already logged, it is just a matter of plotting so I assumed it could be done in the webapp

Posted 6 months ago