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May I Know How To Get Task Urls, Task_Name And Project_Name From Task_Id And Project_Id ?? I Tried

May I know how to get task urls, task_name and project_name from task_id and project_id ??

I tried
It doesn't mention request parameters in this.
Any sugggestions?
` from clearml.backend_api.session.client import APIClient
from clearml import Task

Create an instance of APIClient

client = APIClient()

tasks = client.tasks.task_urls()
print (tasks) Traceback (most recent call last):
File "get_all_users.py", line 15, in <module>
tasks = client.tasks.task_urls()
AttributeError: 'Tasks' object has no attribute 'task_urls' I was able to get task_info from tasks.get_all() but it doesn't have task_name and task_url. Only have task_ID In https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/references/api/tasks#post-tasksget_all It mentions, name(optional Get only tasks whose name matches this pattern (python regular expression syntax) string `What regex is it matching with?

Posted one year ago
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DrabCockroach54 this is not yet supported in the APIClient. You can use the client.session.send_request() to send this if you'd like.
Getting object descriptions from IDs is usually done using the get_all endpoints for the related service (i.e. tasks.get_all for a task, projects.get_all for a project etc.)

Posted one year ago
1 Answer
one year ago
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