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How Do I Check My User Role On Clearml? Can We Restrict To Create User On Invite Only? Clearml Webpage Just Allow Anyone Who Can Open Web Dashboard To Create A New User. Is There Any Config That Allows Only User Creation On Invite Only Basis? Because Of

How do I check my user role on ClearML? Can we restrict to create user on invite only?
ClearML webpage just allow anyone who can open web dashboard to create a new user. Is there any config that allows only user creation on invite only basis?

Because of this we have now a couple of random usernames.
I want to delete those users but I am unaware of my role, if it's admin. I can't see option to delete other users.

Posted one year ago
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Posted one year ago

Hi DrabCockroach54 , in the open source version there are no roles. You can set up users & passwords using this:

I am not sure there is a simple way to delete users - I think you would need to edit MongoDB manually, which I would not recommend

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago