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[Webui-Based Options Injection Not Working] Hey Everyone! Since Our Training Repo Has Gotten Quite Complex, We Configure All Setup In An

[WebUI-based options injection not working]
Hey everyone! Since our training repo has gotten quite complex, we configure all setup in an options.yml file which we connect to ClearML before reading:
task.connect_configuration("options.yml", "Yaml options") # Connect before reading. with open("options.yml", "r") as f: options = yaml.safe_load(f)This results in the options being listed in “configuration” tab and to my best understanding, I can then edit these options after cloning an experiment, so that ClearML will inject these changes when the agent runs it. (Even though the actual options file, which is checked into the repo, stays the same.)
However, as the screenshots show below, the changes made in the UI don’t make it to the runtime… Any ideas here, did I get something wrong?

Posted one year ago
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Hi ScantChimpanzee51
In order to get it to work:
conf_file = "options.yml" conf_file = task.connect_configuration(conf_file, "Yaml options") with open(conf_file, "r") as f: ...The reason is it will not overwrite the local file but return a temp file for you to read.
And come to think about it, maybe we should add an argument saying, it should allow it to overwrite the local file, wdyt?

Posted one year ago

Well duh, now it makes total sense! Should have checked docs or examples more closely 🙏
Yes if that works reliably then I think that option could make sense, it would have made things somewhat easier in my case - but this is just as good.

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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