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Hi! I Developed Clearml Pipeline As Python Package (

I developed ClearML pipeline as python package ( pipeline_package for example).
When I try to run my pipeline with ClearML Agent, it installs all packages except pipeline_package and all from pipeline_package imports are failed.

In my local environment pipeline_package is installed in development mode (symlink, pip install -e . ). Is there a way to solve my problem? Some post-installation hooks for example?

Posted one year ago
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Hi FlatOctopus65 , are you trying to run on the same machine or a different one?

Posted one year ago

Thank you.

Posted one year ago

No, cloned repository is this package: tasks, pipeline and utilities.

Posted one year ago

If you're running in docker mode you can add those steps very easily to the bash startup script

Posted one year ago

I'm not sure. Maybe AgitatedDove14 , might have an idea

Posted one year ago

I created whl, but where can I add pre-step?

And, more importantly: I wanted to make a separate package for each pipeline, will it work without docker rebuilding for each version of my package?

Posted one year ago

I think you would need to add some 'pre' steps. So you would want to build the package from the repository ( python setup.py bdist_wheel ) and then you can either install it manually via the startup script OR add it as a requirement using the following syntax in requirements file:///srv/pkg/mypackage

Posted one year ago

hi CostlyOstrich36

In ClearML-Agent, other PC.

Posted one year ago

Does the other PC have the package locally there somewhere?

Posted one year ago


In my local environment


is installed in development mode

In order to install the package you need to specify the git repo of the package, this is how the pipeline would know where to bring it from.
Either install it locally with "pip install git+ https://github.com/ ...." or add tp the packages argument of the Pipeline wrapper packages = ["git+ https://github.com/ "] `

Posted one year ago
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