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How Does The

How does the Preprocess class exactly work? I need to pass information to it but it's _ init _ function doesn't have any parameters. How can I load an artifact when the class is constructed? I can pass the task_id in an environment variable and pick it up with os.environ["TASK_ID"] but how does the environment variable gets declared in the server in the first place?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 4

Hi ConvolutedSealion94 , can you please elaborate on what exactly you're trying to do? Also, I'm not sure Preprocess is part of ClearML

Posted one year ago

clearml-serving needs a "Preprocess" class in a file that is added to the endpoint.

Posted one year ago

This receives the payload from the server and turns it into something that can be fed to the model. This in out case depends on a data structure that is stored on the clearml server as an artifact. I need to communicate this to the class so it can pick it up and use it when called

Posted one year ago