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How Does The

How does the Preprocess class exactly work? I need to pass information to it but it's _ init _ function doesn't have any parameters. How can I load an artifact when the class is constructed? I can pass the task_id in an environment variable and pick it up with os.environ["TASK_ID"] but how does the environment variable gets declared in the server in the first place?

Posted 11 months ago
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Answers 4

This receives the payload from the server and turns it into something that can be fed to the model. This in out case depends on a data structure that is stored on the clearml server as an artifact. I need to communicate this to the class so it can pick it up and use it when called

Posted 11 months ago

Hi ConvolutedSealion94 , can you please elaborate on what exactly you're trying to do? Also, I'm not sure Preprocess is part of ClearML

Posted 11 months ago

clearml-serving needs a "Preprocess" class in a file that is added to the endpoint.

Posted 11 months ago