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Hi All, Does Anyone Know How I Can Use Python To Load The Configuration Of A Saved Experiment/Model Using Its Id?

Hi all, does anyone know how I can use python to load the configuration of a saved experiment/model using its id?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 5

So you can get the experiment details using:
from clearml.backend_api.session.client import APIClient client = APIClient() task_data = client.tasks.get_by_id(<task-id>)

Posted one year ago

Hi CrookedMonkey33 , which configurations are you talking about, exactly? Are there the hyper-parameters? or the configuration objects?

Posted one year ago

Hi CrookedMonkey33 , can you elaborate a bit more on what you want done?

Posted one year ago

yes we saved those in the hyper parameters

Posted one year ago

I would like to recreate an experiment after saving its configurations, to do that that I need to load those configurations in another notebook, right now the only way I managed to do that is by saving those configurations as an artifact and load that artifact, but it is less convenient than loading a configuration.

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago