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Hi, Quickhelp With Pipelines: I Am Loading A Model During A State Of It And Them Passing This Model (Torch.Nn.Module Object) As Input Argument To A Pipeline Component. I Noticed The Model Inside The Pipeline Component Is An Object Of Class 'Pathlib2.Posix

Quickhelp with pipelines:
I am loading a model during a state of it and them passing this model (torch.nn.Module object) as input argument to a pipeline component. I noticed the model inside the pipeline component is an object of class 'pathlib2.PosixPath'. Since this pipeline is agnostic of model type (checking by type(model), I find it particularly funny as it was working with catboostClassifier object previously

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

Steps (pipeline components):
Load the model Infereces witht he model
Its equivalent to
model = Step1(*args) preds = Step2(model, *args)
After step 1, I have the model loaded as a torch object, as expected. When this object is passed to step 2, inside of step 2, it is read as an object of class 'pathlib2.PosixPath'.

I assume that is because there is some kind of problem in the pickling/loading/dumping of the inputs from a step to another in the pipeline. Is it some kind of known issue or is there anything I am doing wrong? When doing the same for a catboost model it works perfectly

Posted one year ago

Hi ShallowGoldfish8 ,

I'm not sure I understand the scenario. Can you please elaborate? In the end the model object is there so you can easily fetch the raw data and track it.

Posted one year ago

I see. When you're working with catboost, as what type of object is it being passed?

Posted one year ago