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Hi, I Am Using Minio To Save My Files. And Recently I Have Encountered An Issue With Downloading The Artifacts, With Compressed Csv Files (Test_Prediction_Df.Csv.Gz) In Particular. When I Try To Download These Files From The Web Ui, The File Opens As A Pl

Hi, I am using MinIO to save my files. and recently I have encountered an issue with downloading the artifacts, with compressed csv files (test_prediction_df.csv.gz) in particular. When I try to download these files from the Web UI, the file opens as a plain text file instead of downloading the file. My model files can download successfully. This is happening with csv files in particular. However, when I download the file via script using StorageManager the file downloads successfully and the values are also correct. I do not understand what's going wrong here.

Posted one year ago
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Hi ImmenseMole41 , so your issue is specifically when trying to download compressed csv files? You mentioned that the values are correct when downloading via the StorageManager. Do you get corrupted values somewhere?

Also, how are you saving these csv files?

Posted one year ago

The values are not corrupted at all. Values are all fine. I am using upload_artifact API and passing a pandas dataframe to it. The file is saved as compressed CSV (csv.gz)

Posted one year ago