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Hi All, I Would Like To Put Table With Url Links And Image Thumnails. I Was Able To Get Url As Hyper Link However I Couldn'T Get Thumnails. Any Idea? My Code :

Hi all,
I would like to put table with url links and image thumnails.
I was able to get url as hyper link however I couldn't get thumnails.
Any idea?

My code :
` sample = pd.DataFrame(
"age": [10, 12, 20, 30],
"weight": [20, 30, 45, 50],
"name": ["John", "Paul", "Mike", "Jane"]
def to_url(name):
return '<a href="../personal/{name}.html">{name}</a>'.format(name=name)

def to_image_url(name):
return '<img src="../image/{name}.jpg">'.format(name=name)

sample['url'] = sample['name'].apply(to_url)
sample['image'] = sample['name'].apply(to_image_url)

test_project = "test_project"
test_task_name = "test_task"

Create task

test_task = clearml.Task.init(project_name=test_project, task_name=test_task_name, task_type=clearml.TaskTypes.custom)
test_task_logger = test_task.get_logger()

test_task_logger.report_table(title='report dataframe', series='dataframe with images', iteration=0, table_plot=sample) `

Posted one year ago
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Hi StraightParrot3 ,

I'm not sure if thumbnails are supported inside tables. AgitatedDove14 , what do you think?

Posted one year ago

CostlyOstrich36 and AgitatedDove14
Thank you for your reply. I understood that plotly doesn't support thumbnails in table.

Posted one year ago

I would like to put table with url links and image thumnails.

StraightParrot3 links will work inside table (your code sample looks like the correct way to add them), but I think plotly (which is the UI package that displays the table) does not support embedding images into tables 😞
When they add it, the support will be transparent and it would work as you expect

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
11 months ago