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What’S A Good Ami To Use For The Clearml Autoscaler On Aws? The Defaults Offered Confidently By The Various Auto Scaler Installers Don’T Seem To Exist…| E.G.

what’s a good ami to use for the clearml autoscaler on AWS? the defaults offered confidently by the various auto scaler installers don’t seem to exist…|

Posted one year ago
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AgitatedDove14 thanks, it was late and I wasn’t sure if I needed to use one of clearml “certified” AMI’s or just a vanilla one.

Posted one year ago

Generally speaking I would say the Nvidia deep-learning AMI:

Posted one year ago

Sure thing, any vanilla AMI will work, as long as it has python3 and docker preinstalled (obviously if you need GPU support than drivers preinstalled as well)

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
11 months ago