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What’S A Good Ami To Use For The Clearml Autoscaler On Aws? The Defaults Offered Confidently By The Various Auto Scaler Installers Don’T Seem To Exist…| E.G.

what’s a good ami to use for the clearml autoscaler on AWS? the defaults offered confidently by the various auto scaler installers don’t seem to exist…|

Posted 8 months ago
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Answers 3

Sure thing, any vanilla AMI will work, as long as it has python3 and docker preinstalled (obviously if you need GPU support than drivers preinstalled as well)

Posted 8 months ago

AgitatedDove14 thanks, it was late and I wasn’t sure if I needed to use one of clearml “certified” AMI’s or just a vanilla one.

Posted 8 months ago

Generally speaking I would say the Nvidia deep-learning AMI:

Posted 8 months ago
3 Answers
8 months ago
4 months ago