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Hi, Quick Question: Is There An Easy Way To Spin Multiple Clearml-Agents At Once? (Maybe Something Like Clearml-Agent Daemon --Queue -N 16) I Know This Can Be Done With Simple Shell Scripts Or Other Workarounds But Wondered If There'S A Native/Recommended

quick question: Is there an easy way to spin multiple clearml-agents at once? (maybe something like clearml-agent daemon --queue -n 16)
I know this can be done with simple shell scripts or other workarounds but wondered if there's a native/recommended way to do this

Posted one year ago
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HugeArcticwolf77 you can add --services-mode to the agent, and it will basically keep on spinning Tasks in parallel (unfortunately the open source version does not include a way to limit it to a maximum of concurrent Tasks)

Posted one year ago

Hi HugeArcticwolf77 , I don't think such a thing exists out of the box. What is your use case?

Posted one year ago

that's an interesting use case for services mode. I'll try it out. thanks!

Posted one year ago

I have a preprocessing task that is CPU parallelized, but I wanted to create a ClearML task for each instance since it reports some parameters that I want to later aggregate. Running this quickly requires 10-30 agents listening on the same queue

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago