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Hello Again, I Would Like To Ask You If Something Like This Is Possible In Clearml (See Screenshot)? For Each Experiment (

Hello again, I would like to ask you if something like this is possible in ClearML (see screenshot)?
For each experiment ( t01 , t02 , etc.) I am able to report a table whose rows are FAR levels and values are FRR on those FAR levels for the given experiments. I would like to compare the tables similarly to the way in the screenshot, i.e. color formatting (greener experiment is better as it has lower FRR on several FAR levels) and merging tables for several experiments (do not compare tables in ClearML as separate tables on the left and right side).
Thank you in advance.

Posted 9 months ago
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Thank you so much! In the meantime, I check once more and the closest I could get was using report_single_value() . It forces you to report each an every row though, but the comparison looks a little better this way. No color coding yet, but maybe it can already help you a little 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

Seems interesting, I will give a try, thank you ExasperatedCrab78 !

Posted 9 months ago

Hi CurvedHedgehog15 , so my previous reply does assume you have reported a scalar for each individual FAR level. Then you can add individual levels as shown in the gif. But like you siad, that might actually cause you to loose your overview in the scalars tab.

So I don't think there's an immediate way to do this in ClearML right now, but would you mind opening an issue on github for it? It might be interesting to add it to the tool?

Posted 9 months ago

Hi ExasperatedCrab78 , thank you for your response! I am not sure if I understand you right, can you provide some dummy example, please?
What we already tried is reporting scalar for individual FAR levels, i.e. 0.001, 0.002, 0.01, etc. But this is not really good for us as we loose overall view on the performance by comparing multiple scalars on separate places. 😞

Posted 9 months ago

Hi! Have you tried adding custom metrics to the experiment table itself? You can add any scalar as a column in the experiment list, it does not have color formatting, but it might be more like what you want in contrast to the compare functionality 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

Thank you ExasperatedCrab78 for your reply, as you said, I still miss the overview I am looking for, so I made an issue as you suggest 🙂

Posted 9 months ago
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9 months ago
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