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Hello, I Would Like To Ensure, The Comparison Of Hyperparameters Is Supposed To Work As It Is Depicted In The Screenshot? Following The Example, I Would Suppose To Mark In Red The Change In

Hello, I would like to ensure, the comparison of hyperparameters is supposed to work as it is depicted in the screenshot?
Following the example, I would suppose to mark in red the change in _ target _ of the head and missing hyperparameter s = 32.0 of the head . For instance, there is no change in the logger , so red marking is misleading here.

Posted one year ago
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Hi, CostlyOstrich36 , thank you for your response.
I realised my issue happens when I compare hyperparameters connected by task.connect_configuration . I compared them in DETAILS section (see screenshot)
When I connect them using task.connect I am able to compare them in HYPER PARAMETERS section, which works as I supposed.
So issue solved 🙂

Posted one year ago

Hi CurvedHedgehog15 ,

Can you please provide a short snippet to reproduce this?
In which section are we looking at currently in the comparison?

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago