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Hello! Something With A Very Long Running

Hello! Something with a very long running .add_external_files has gone wrong, and now the task is aborted and I get the warning

2022-08-27 10:03:54,129 - clearml - WARNING - Reopening aborted Dataset, any change will clear and overwrite current state
However, it seems as if all files have properly been linked. How do I best “complete” the task? Is there some way to not lose the ~30 hours of runtime?

Posted one year ago
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Hey AgitatedDove14 ! The script I executed ran .add_external_files for 30h. Something in the process did not work out and the python process stopped. Now it has not been closed.

I opened it by calling Dataset.get , and the warning is being raised. However, 2.8 Million files are linked, so everything I need to know is included, from which I conclude just changing the status might be fine.

Posted one year ago

SpicyCrab51 you can change the task to complete, it is just a state change nothing will actually change other than the status. Task.get_task(pass_dataset_id_here).mark_complete()

Posted one year ago

Hi SpicyCrab51 ,
Hmm, how exactly is the Dataset opened?
If the Dataset object is alive for 30h it will keep the dataset alive, why isn't it being closed ?

Posted one year ago

The most important question is:

If I manually change the status of the dataset to “Completed”, will it overwrite the task?

Posted one year ago

Thank you!

Posted one year ago