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Hello Everyone! I'M Using S3 For My Model Saving. During Hyperparameter Optimization My New Tasks Get Very Long Names Due To Override Parameters And Uploading Path Becomes Something Like This "/Traffic Lights Classification/

Hello everyone! I'm using S3 for my model saving. During hyperparameter optimization my new tasks get very long names due to override parameters and uploading path becomes something like this "/Traffic lights classification/ Train%3A General%2Fgeneral%2Fbatch_size_train=192 General%2Fgeneral%2Fmodel_name=resnet18 General%2Fimage_processing%2Faugmentation_version=2 General%2Ftrain%2Flearning_rate=0.00951 General%2Ftrain%2Floss_function=HuberLoss General%2Ftrain%2Foptimizer=yogi.1b46427f3a79406dbab354a71b410a88 /models/epoch=037-val_epoch_score=0.926.ckpt". S3 can't create a folder with such a long name in its bucket. How to fix such task naming?

Posted 2 years ago
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MinuteGiraffe30 , Hi ! ūüôā

What if you try to manually create such a folder?

Posted 2 years ago

Maybe you should make 


 as public variable in 


 class or allow changing it in 



I like this idea, let's do that
Just making sure, you hit the 1024 character limit on S3 path?
If this is the case we should also fix the "artifact naming" to take that into account (it already does and has a limit, see here:
Should we also limit the entire full path?

Posted 2 years ago

Maybe it makes sense to limit or change number of parameters which participate in name generation or allow users to use their own naming scheme. https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/blob/24464b7c1019f7a7b3149ecb80a379c5f82337a0/clearml/automation/optimization.py#L720

Posted 2 years ago

Stackoverflow says about the size of the file name, but here the problem is with the size of the folder name. Not sure if the file and folder limits are the same. The error that occurs says that An error occurred (XMinioInvalidObjectName) when calling the CompleteMultipartUpload operation: Object name contains unsupported characters. . At first I thought I was using the wrong characters in the task title, such as backslash, colon or space. But I managed to upload models with the task name including all these symbols when I used fewer override parameters in my hypeparameters optimization task. So I assumed that the problem is in the length of the folder. Here is an example.

Posted 2 years ago

I came up with a workaround to solve this problem, but since I run tasks remotely, where not my modified clearml code is used, this problem will remain until you fix it. Should I duplicate this issue in the github?

Posted 2 years ago

Maybe you should make naming_function as public variable in SearchStrategy class or allow changing it in HyperParameterOptimizer class?

Posted 2 years ago

I run model training for weeks, where I train hundreds of models with different hyperparameters. Therefore, I need automatic naming of newly created tasks. Maybe there are some examples of how to set custom task naming scheme?

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks MinuteGiraffe30 , fix will be pushed later today

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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