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Hi There! I'M Getting An Error Whenever Trying To Queue Experiments Using Conda Package Manager That Require Python>=3.10. Locally (Non-Queued) The Training Runs Just Fine. In The Ui I See The The Following Console Output:

Hi there!
I'm getting an error whenever trying to queue experiments using conda package manager that require python>=3.10. Locally (non-queued) the training runs just fine.

In the UI I see the the following Console output:
Executing Conda: /opt/conda/bin/conda env remove -p /root/.clearml/venvs-builds/3.1 --quiet --json Executing Conda: /opt/conda/bin/conda create --yes --mkdir --prefix /root/.clearml/venvs-builds/3.1 python=3.1 clearml_agent: ERROR: Command '['/opt/conda/bin/conda', 'create', '--yes', '--mkdir', '--prefix', '/root/.clearml/venvs-builds/3.1', 'python=3.1']' returned non-zero exit status 1. Process failed, exit code 1'python=3.1' leads me to think that the python version is not parsed correctly, ignoring the second character of the sub-version. Has anyone encountered this before and found a solution?

Posted 9 months ago
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Answers 8

The command that's prompted already contains the reference to "python=3.1", so this won't work.

Posted 9 months ago

CostlyOstrich36 Any idea what could be going wrong?

Posted 9 months ago

Thanks! 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

GreasyLeopard35 , please try with the latest clearml-agent

Posted 8 months ago

I'll try to see if it reproduces on my side 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

GreasyLeopard35 , what happens if you try to run the command it's (agent) trying to run yourself?

Posted 9 months ago

Python 3.9 runs fine, but there's an issue with the pytorch datatloaders that seems to be related to that python version. Clearml version is 1.6.2 and the agents are 1.3.0.

Posted 9 months ago

GreasyLeopard35 , What versions of clearml & clearml-agent are you using? Also, what happens if you try in python 3.9?

Posted 9 months ago
8 Answers
9 months ago
4 months ago