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Hi, I Have A Github Repository With A Library, I Want To Run A Benchmark For That Library. So When I Run A Benchmark Script, It Should Build And Install This Library From Sources Before Run Script Itself. I Can Use Extra_Docker_Shell_Script To Hardcode Co

I have a github repository with a library, I want to run a benchmark for that library. So when I run a benchmark script, it should build and install this library from sources before run script itself. I can use extra_docker_shell_script to hardcode commands that builds and installs but it doesn’t look like a nice solution. What is the proper way to run commands to install my library before benchmark script will start?

Is docker_bash_setup_script used for these purposes?
clearml-task --project examples --name remote_test --script run_benchmark.py --queue default --docker_bash_setup_script build_and_install.sh

Posted one year ago
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Hi EnviousPanda91 , CostlyOstrich36

I'm facing an issue that seems to be related to this.
I am also trying to run a code from a github repo which necessitates some installs (as shown in the picture).
What is the best way to run these after cloning the git repo ?

Some observations I made:
The docker_bash_setup_script cannot be passed an argument to the Task.init() function (only to the Task.Create() that can't launch the task to be executed remotely for some reason) When creating an agent in docker mode, I manage to pass a docker image and a bash setup script but the latter is ran before the git clone that clearml automatically does. Is there a way to make the bash setup script run after the git clone operation ?
Thank you !

Posted one year ago

CostlyOstrich36 it is ok if I use agent in docker mode, but what should I use in other cases?

Posted one year ago

You can add it pythonically to the start of your script but I think docker mode is what you need to use if you want to pre-install packages in an environment

Posted one year ago

Hi EnviousPanda91 , Yes that is the purpose of the docker bash setup script.

Is there a reason it doesn't look nice?

Posted one year ago

I think docker mode is what you need to use if you want to pre-install packages in an environment

In order to use newest version I have to install the library at every run. I don’t think that building a docker image at every run is a good solution here. So the only solution is add it pythonically.

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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