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What Could Cause A Queue To Be Recreated Automatically? I Experimented With The Autoscaler With Queue Name

What could cause a queue to be recreated automatically?
I experimented with the autoscaler with queue name foo , got it working, closed the autoscaler, deleted that queue, and restarted the autoscaler with new queue name aws_large ; but now foo keeps reappearing

Posted one year ago
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Could also be related to K8, so pinging JuicyFox94 just in case 😉

Posted one year ago

UnevenDolphin73 when started, the agent will typically create the queue it was provided if it does not exist - can that be the case?

Posted one year ago

No, I have no running agents listening to that queue. It's as if it's retained in some memory somewhere and the server keeps creating it.

Posted one year ago

Bump SuccessfulKoala55 ?

Posted one year ago

mmmmm should not be related chart as far as I know, I’m going to ping SuccessfulKoala55 ; maybe he can chime in because I’m not sure why it’s happening

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago