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Hi, I Have A Plt Plot That Is Being Automatically Uploaded To A Task And Is Presented In The Plots Section Of The Task As Expected. However, The Plot Itself Isn'T Presented Fully, And I Can Only See The Titles And Some Of The Legend, But Not The Lineplot

Hi, I have a plt plot that is being automatically uploaded to a Task and is presented in the Plots section of the task as expected. However, the plot itself isn't presented fully, and I can only see the titles and some of the legend, but not the lineplot itself. Zoom in is not responsive and when I download the plot as png it downloads the same small version without the lineplot.
How can I zoom in to see the entire plot, or download it?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 4

DistressedKoala73 , can you send me a code snippet to try and reproduce the issue please?

Posted one year ago

Hi CostlyOstrich36 , thank you for replying.
I have a download button on the top right, but it downloaded the not-full version of the plot.. Attached is the downloaded png.
The plot is created by sns.FacetGrid() and plt.show() at the end

Posted one year ago

Hi DistressedKoala73 , if you hover your mouse over the plot there should be a download plot button on the top right of the plot. Also, can you provide a small code snippet to play around with to see if it reproduces?

Posted one year ago

` def plot_facetgrid(df, col, x_axis, y_axis, hue_by):
plt.figure(figsize=(10,8), dpi=100)
with mpl.rc_context({"lines.linewidth": 2, "axes.titlesize": 16, "axes.labelsize": 16,
"xtick.labelsize": 16, "ytick.labelsize": 16, "legend.fontsize": 16}):
n_sample = 8
grid = sns.FacetGrid(
# col_wrap=3,
height=3, aspect=1.5,

    # Draw a line plot to show the trajectory of each random walk
    grid.map(sns.lineplot, x_axis, y_axis, marker="o")


    # grid.add_legend()
    grid.set_xticklabels(['(1, 0)'] + [''] * n_sample + ['(0, 1)'])

    for ax in grid.axes.flat:

    grid.figure.suptitle(f'Losses during interpolations- {title_add}')

plot_facetgrid(df, 'type', 'position', 'losses', 'data')

df is a dataframe with the following coloumns:

  • type: str ( 3 options of types)
  • position: int (it is i for i in range(10))
  • losses: float
  • data: str (3 options of data) `
Posted one year ago