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Hi Folks, I Am Having An Issue I Can'T Properly Understand: I Have Tried To Run The "Dataset" Example From The Official Clearml Repository (From My Laptop) For Some Reason It Got Stuck, So I Killed The Process, But In Clearml Ui It Still Results As "Runn

Hi folks, I am having an issue I can't properly understand:
I have tried to run the "dataset" example from the official clearml repository (from my laptop)

For some reason it got stuck, so I killed the process, but in ClearML UI it still results as "Running".

Is this expected? I would have expected it to see it in a "Stopped" or "Error" state

Posted 10 months ago
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SarcasticSquirrel56 , this can happen. Since you killed the process by force - it didn't have a chance to report back it's failure/stopping.

That being said - there are background processes that should move the dataset to 'aborted/stopped' after a few hours.

Posted 10 months ago

SarcasticSquirrel56 when the process dies (i.e. killed) it does not have time not update the state, then the server watchdog will set the state to aborted after X amount of time of inactivity (default is 2 hours)

Posted 10 months ago

but for sigterm you should be able to set cleanup steps, no?

Posted 10 months ago

Thanks! Not even if using a SIGTERM?

Posted 10 months ago

You can definitely configure the watchdog to set the timeout to 15min, it should not have any effect on running processes, they basically ping every 30 sec alive message

Posted 10 months ago

Sigint (ctrl c) only
Because flushing state (i.e. sending request) might take time so only when users interactively hit ctrl c we do that. Make sense?

Posted 10 months ago

ah I see.. yes it makes sense 🙂

Posted 10 months ago
7 Answers
10 months ago
4 months ago