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Hi! I Would Like To Make A Report On All Experiments In My Clearml Project, The Report Should Include Plots Based On Experiments Data Grouped By Labels. Can I Do This Using Clearml Web Ui? If Not, How Can I Download Project Data To Build It Using Other In

Hi! I would like to make a report on all experiments in my clearml project, the report should include plots based on experiments data grouped by labels. Can I do this using ClearML Web UI? if not, how can I download project data to build it using other instrument?

Metrics snapshot looks suitable, but its functionality is limited.

Posted one year ago
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Oh you achieve exactly the same with plotly and te restapi/python interface.
Basically pull data from tasks , create visualization and log it on one if the Task or on a new one

Posted one year ago

Hi EnviousPanda91
You mean like collect plots, then generate a pdf?

Posted one year ago

AgitatedDove14 the best option would be custom charts in Web UI, like in wandb: https://docs.wandb.ai/ref/app/features/custom-charts
But pdf is acceptable too.

Posted one year ago

Hi EnviousPanda91 , I'm not quite sure what you want to extract but you can extract everything from the UI using the API. The docs can be found here: https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/references/api/events
And for the best reference - You can open developer tools in the UI and see how the requests are handled there 🙂

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago