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Hi. I Have A

in order for the autoscaler to access your git , in the wizard you have to provide the git user/token

git_pass has the token
Perhaps I should have mentined that I start the AWS autoscaler with the https://app.clear.ml/applications/aws-autoscaler/ .

Hmm, how does the decorator of the component looks like ? meaning did you specify a repo/branch/commit there

Neither my pipeline decorator not my component specify any repos:

# pipeline @PipelineDecorator.pipeline( name="fastai_image_classification_pipeline", project="lavi-testing", version="0.2", multi_instance_support=True, )
# component @PipelineDecorator.component( return_values=["the_dataset"], cache=False, task_type=TaskTypes.data_processing, packages=[ "clearml", "tensorboard_logger", "timm", "fastai", "torch==1.11.0", "torchvision==0.12.0", "protobuf==3.19.*", "tensorboard", "google-cloud-storage>=1.13.2", ], )
Yet the agent running the pipeline task is pulling the repo just fine..

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago