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Hi, I Have A Question Regarding Loading An Inputmodel: I Am Getting The Following Log Message - "Clearml - Warning - Model Configuration Only Supports Dictionary Or String Objects". Should I Be Worried? Is My Model Being Loaded?

Hi, I have a question regarding loading an InputModel:
I am getting the following log message - "clearml - WARNING - Model configuration only supports dictionary or string objects". Should I be worried? Is my model being loaded?
task_input_model = InputModel(self.model_id) # Construct Keras model model = tf.keras.models.model_from_config(task_input_model.config_dict) model.load_weights(task_input_model.get_local_copy()) ## bottleneck model inputs = model.input outputs = model.get_layer('lstm_2').output ##encoder output encoder = tf.keras.models.Model(inputs, outputs) return encoder

Posted one year ago
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Hi AbruptWorm50 ,

You can check in the UI, does the model miss any data there? Can you download it properly?

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago