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Hi 🙂 I have two separate instances of ClearML server (small instances, no agents deployed as of now), which I want to joining into one bigger instance. Is it possible to export data out of one instance, and import it to another? How do you think is the best approach here?

Posted one year ago
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Hi AlertCamel57 ,

Exporting/Importing data between ClearML servers is not supported in the open source version from what I understand.
You can however migrate the entire database very easily by moving /opt/clearml/data (If I'm not mistaken this is where it sits) to another location. Make sure that the server is down while doing so, to avoid corruptions

Posted one year ago

got it, was under the impression that its a join migration to an existing database so no data overwrite happens

Posted one year ago

AlertCamel57 , Please note that when I say "Migrate" it means that the the data will be replaced

Posted one year ago

got it, thanks

Posted one year ago

I will try it out thanks CostlyOstrich36

Posted one year ago

Not merged

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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