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Hi Guys, In Web Ui, I See Metadata Tab For Models. I'Ve Checked All Documentation And Didn'T Find How Can I Update My Model Metadata From Code Level. Any Suggestions? Manual Work On Web Ui Is Not Interesting For Me

Hi guys,
In WEB UI, I see METADATA tab for MODELS. I've checked all documentation and didn't find how can I update my model metadata from code level.
Any suggestions? Manual work on WEB UI is not interesting for me 🙂

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi HandsomeGiraffe70 , David's suggestion is great and the way to go now. We are working on adding this functionality to the SDK (without using the APIclient) and document it better 🙂 Stay tuned 😄

Posted 2 years ago

Hi HandsomeGiraffe70
There is a way, this is the API. You can use it this way :
retrieve the task the model belongs to retrieve the model you want (from a lit of input and output models) create the metadata inject them to the model
Here is an example :

` from clearml import Task
from clearml.backend_api import Session
from clearml.backend_api.services import models
from clearml.backend_api.services.v2_13.models import MetadataItem

task = Task.get_task(project_name=project_name, task_name=task_name)
model = task.models['output'][0]

my_metadata = [MetadataItem(
key='this is my unique key 0000',
value='My brand new Metadata')

session = Session()

res = session.send(models.AddOrUpdateMetadataRequest(

print(res.response_data) `

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks SweetBadger76 for solution!
AnxiousSeal95 I look forward to hear it's ready 😀

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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