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Hello, I'M Using

hello, I'm using Task._query_tasks(project_name=...) to iterate on tasks, but I'm getting only the first 500 tasks of my project and I don't know how to get more, like the API behind is paginated but the SDK doesn't support it maybe? is there a way to iterate on more than 500 tasks?
(I get the same thing with Task.query_tasks() )

Posted one year ago
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Hi VirtuousFish83 ,

You can do it using the API directly tasks.get_all is what you're looking for

Posted one year ago

managed a workaround thanks to the API doc, if someone encouters the same bug:
tasks = [] page = 0 while True: page_tasks = Task._query_tasks(project_name=project, system_tags=[] if archived else ['-archived'], page=page, page_size=500) tasks += page_tasks page += 1 if len(page_tasks) < 500: break

Posted one year ago

thanks that works ! perfect

Posted one year ago

Hi Mathis, actually, we fixed this in our latest SDK! you can use Task.query_tasks() and you'll get the id's of all the tasks that match the query. The reason we don't get task objects themselves is that it can be quite large and can take a long time.

Posted one year ago

thanks, is there a way to do it with the SDK ? maybe override the page size ?

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago