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Hello, Is There A Way To Get The List Of Available Variants For A Metric Via The Api?

Hello, is there a way to get the list of available variants for a metric via the API?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 4

this is a snippet of code:
task = Task.get_task('xxx') session = Session() res = session.send(events.GetDebugImageSampleRequest( task=task.id, metric="xxx", variant="xxx") ) print(res.response_data["event"]["url"])

Posted one year ago

RattyLouse61 you can get the task's metrics using events.get_task_metrics , and all.metric/variants for a specific project using projects.get_unique_metric_variants

Posted one year ago

It would be also good if I could get all the variants for a given task_id and metric

Posted one year ago

Hi RattyLouse61 ,

I think the APIs you're looking for are:

I can't find documentation for the first one but this is an example for the usage:
Together the two fetch all the data you see in the UI.
Is this what you're looking for?

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago