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Hi There! We Work On The Project Together With My Partner. He Shared His Workspace With Me And I Have An Access To His Projects And Tasks. I Am Trying To Launch Project From His Working Space On My Remote Server. I Ran Clearml Daemon But It Does Not See T

Hi there! We work on the project together with my partner. He shared his workspace with me and I have an access to his projects and tasks. I am trying to launch project from his working space on MY remote server. I ran clearml daemon but it does not see the queueing task of course because when I queue the project from his workspace it can queue it only within his worker as far as I get. Is it a way to make the task to listen to MY workers? I can not copy the project to my workspace either :-(

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

you can run a clearml agent on your machine, in a way that it is dedicated to a certain queue. You can then clone the experiment you are interested in (either bleonging to your workspace or to the one from you partner), and enqueue it on into the queue you assigned your worker to.
clearml-agent daemon --queue 'my_queue'

Posted one year ago

you also have to set your agent to use you partner credentials
simply do a :
clearml-agent init
and paste your partner's credentials

Posted one year ago

thanks! I got it myself already)) yeah, the problem was I did not make new credentials. After I created it for this workspace I managed to run the task

Posted one year ago