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Hi, On Clearml-Server 1.5.0, In Scalar Graphs, The New Default Value Is “Show Closest Data On Hover”. Would It Be Possible To Make It Automatically Set To “Compare Data On Hover” When Comparing Multiple Experiments?

Hi, on clearml-server 1.5.0, in scalar graphs, the new default value is “Show closest data on hover”. Would it be possible to make it automatically set to “Compare data on hover” when comparing multiple experiments?

Posted one year ago
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the component that sets Plotly up is src/app/webapp-common/shared/experiment-graphs/single-graph/single-graph.component.ts

Posted 12 months ago

Very nice! Maybe we could have this option as a toggle setting in the user profile page, so that by default we keep the current behaviour, and users like me can change it 😄 wdyt?

Posted 12 months ago

Hi JitteryCoyote63 , shouldn't be too hard, but we would probably need to check what most of the users prefer.

Posted one year ago

I'm not too fond of many user configurations, it's confusing.
however, clearml is open source, nothing stops you from adding the code and sending a PR

Posted 12 months ago

I’m not too fond of many user configurations, it’s confusing.

100% agree, nevertheless, how much is too many? Currently, there are only two settings in the user preferences category, so one more wouldn’t hurt?

however, clearml is open source, nothing stops you from adding the code and sending a PR

I’d be super happy to contribute yes! Nevertheless, I am not sure where to start: clearml-server repo? clearml-web repo?

Posted 12 months ago

Could you please point me to the relevant component? I am not familiar with typescript unfortunately 😞

Posted 12 months ago


Posted 12 months ago

So it is there already, but commented out, any reason why?

Posted 12 months ago

probably need to set
hovermode = 'x'in layout

Posted 12 months ago

let me check with our product

Posted 12 months ago
10 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago