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Good Day To All! Any Clue How To Make Upload Dataset To Minio S3? I Have Setup A Custom S3 In Clearml.Conf As Per Docs:

Good day to all!
Any clue how to make upload dataset to minio S3?
I have setup a custom s3 in clearml.conf as per docs:
` aws {
s3 {
# default, used for any bucket not specified below
key: ""
secret: ""
region: ""

        credentials: [
                # This will apply to all buckets in this host (unless key/value is specifically provided for a given bucket)
                host: "miniohost:9000"
                key: "minio"
                secret: "very_secret_password"
                multipart: false
                secure: true
    boto3 {
        pool_connections: 512
        max_multipart_concurrency: 16
} `and when I run a command

dataset.upload(output_url=' s3://demo ')
I got a following error message:
ValueError: Could not get access credentials for ' ' , check configuration file ~/clearml.confAny ideas how to fix that?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

thanks a bunch - that has worked just fine

Posted one year ago

Hi GentleSwallow91 , the output_url should be s3://miniohost:9000/demo

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago