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Hi, Is There A Way To Enqueue The Dataset

Hi, is there a way to enqueue the dataset add command on a worker? what are the best practices syncing and adding files?

Posted one year ago
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EnormousCormorant39 , there are SDK methods for using the datasets. I think this will simplify your process immensely.

Also here is a small example for the usage 🙂
` task = Task.init(project_name="<PROJECT_NAME>", task_name="<TASK_NAME>")

#Create dataset
ds = Dataset.create(dataset_name="<DATASET_NAME>", dataset_project="PROJECT_NAME")
ds.finalize() `

Posted one year ago

Yes. CostlyOstrich36
I’m running on an on-prem machine, and trying to automate the whole process of training. meaning bringing the data -> creating the dataset -> running the training task.

When creating a dataset and adding files it seems there is a Task being created in the background (which is awesome).

My question is - can I run this task on a remote machine instead of the machine which i’m running the CLI on?

Posted one year ago

Hi EnormousCormorant39 ,

is there a way to enqueue the dataset


command on a worker

Can you please elaborate a bit on this? Do you want to create some sort of trigger action to add files to a dataset?

Posted one year ago

Alright thanks!

Posted one year ago