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Hi, Thanks A Lot For Your Product ! I Have A Question About Possible Functionality. Is It Possible Now To Group Graphics In "Scalars" Tab In Dropdown Groups As It Done In Tensorboard. I'Ll Try To Explain What I Mean, Let Say That I Am Solving Object Detec

Hi, thanks a lot for your product !
I have a question about possible functionality. Is it possible now to group graphics in "scalars" tab in dropdown groups as it done in Tensorboard.
I'll try to explain what i mean, let say that i am solving object detection problem and i have several mAP metrics with different thresholds, plus i have several losses, plus several lr related scalars. All of this sum up in a very long page with scalars. And it would be nice for me if i can to group them into three dropdown groups: metrics, losses, lr as in attachment.
Sorry if it was discussed earlier. I didn't find same questions.

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi SillyGoat67 ,

Hmmm. What if you run these in separate experiments and each experiment reports it's own result? This way you could use comparison between experiments to see the different results grouped together.

Also you can report different scalars for the same series so you can see something like this:

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
one year ago