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Before I Write An Issue: Does Someone Else Have To Problem That With The Latest Clearml-Server If You Go To Detail View -> Results -> Debug Samples -> Change Metric To Anything, And Then Press The Refresh Button/Wait For Auto Refresh You Get A Blank Debu

Before I write an issue: Does someone else have to problem that with the latest clearml-server if you go to Detail View -> Results -> Debug Samples -> Change Metric to anything, and then press the refresh button/wait for auto refresh you get a blank debug sample page? If I don't change the the metric, it does not happen.

Posted one year ago
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ReassuredTiger98 , does it happen on any experiment with debug images or only on running experiments?

Posted one year ago

Perfect, will do! Thank you

Posted one year ago

ReassuredTiger98 , I played with it myself a little bit - It looks like this happens for me when an experiment is running and reporting images and changing metric does the trick - i.e reproduces it. Maybe open a github issue to follow this 🙂 ?

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
one year ago