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Another Question: How Can I Set The Fileserver Ip? E.G. I Want The Artifact Locations To Point To My Proxy Server, So That I Can Support Ssl

Another question: How can I set the fileserver IP? E.g. I want the artifact locations to point to my proxy server, so that I can support SSL

Posted 2 years ago
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Yea, that I knew 😄 But somehow I didn't think about the clearml.conf

Posted 2 years ago

Thank you very much for the quick answer. Still so confusing to me that so many things are configured client side 😄

Posted 2 years ago

You can configure it in ~/clearml.conf at api.files_server

Posted 2 years ago

The cool thing is that you can also configure this from code as well 🙂
One example is:

Posted 2 years ago
4 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago