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Hi Everyone, How Can I Add A New Local Storage Location. Clearml Is In /Opt/Clearml And I Have Now Added A Second Hard Driver To My Server. How Can I Make Clearml Use The Additional Storage Space?

Hi SuccessfulKoala55
I meant that in the WebUI deletion should only be allowed for artifacts for which deletion actually works.
For example I now have a lot of lingering artifacts that exist on the fileservers, but not on the clearml-api-server (I think).
Another example: I delete a task via WebUI. ClearML-server tries to delete the task and the artifacts belonging to the task. However, it will show that the task has been successfully deleted but some artifacts have not. Now there is no way anymore to delete the artifacts except for asking the admin to manually look for files on the fileserver.

In my opinion the task should only be deleted after the artifacts have been deleted successfully . And the artifacts should only be deleted from the server when the fileserver successfully deletes the files behind the artifacts.

Posted 2 years ago
0 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago