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Hi, Folks !! Is There A Selective Migration Of Experiment’S Output Files From Local Clearml Db To Remote Clearml Hostings?? A Possible Use-Case In My Team Is As Follows: 1: A Research Team Often Creates “Failed” Experiments Which Have Bad Results. 2: Ea

Hi, folks !!

Is there a selective migration of experiment’s output files from local clearml DB to remote clearml hostings??
A possible use-case in my team is as follows:

1: A research team often creates “failed” experiments which have bad results.
2: Each of team members wish to share only “good results”.
3: So they wanna push the results from local storage ( local repository ) to remote storage ( clearml’s hosting service which corresponds to GitHub or GitLabs ).

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi EcstaticBaldeagle77 ,
I'm not sure I follow. Are you using the self hosted server - and you'd like to move data from one self hosted server to another?

Posted 2 years ago
1 Answer
2 years ago
one year ago