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Hey, I Think I Found A Possible Bug When Using

I think I found a possible bug when using get_reported_plots on a task.
the name is attached to the plot_str string.
so plotly can't really analyze it and I have to remove it manually.
sub_string1 = reported_plots[0]['plot_str'].replace(""""name": "mean_median_upper/mean_median_upper", """ , '') sub_string2 = sub_string1.replace(""", "name": null""" , '') fig = plotly.io.from_json(sub_string2) fig.show()to give.

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 2

It's generated automatically by HPO script.
So it might be added inside the report completion section

Posted 2 years ago

Hi EmbarrassedSpider34 ,
Wasn't the name there when you generated the plot?

Posted 2 years ago