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Question About Pipeline And Long-Waiting Tasks: Say I Want To Generate A Dataset. The Workflow I Have Requires

RoughTiger69 I think this could work, a pseudo example:
` @PipelineDecorator.component(...)
def the_last_step_before_external_stuff():
print("doing some stuff")

def logic():
if not check_if_data_was_ingested_to_the_system:
print("aborting ourselves")
# we will not get here, the agent will make sure we are stopped
# better safe than sorry
exit(0) `wdyt? (the same logic can be implemented with pipeline from Tasks, and a callback function that essentially does the same)

When this pipeline is executed, it will not run "the_last_step_before_external_stuff()" again, and will just get to the if statement

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago